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Apparel Q&A

1. What is “Team Apparel”?
Team Apparel consists of 3-1 Jackets, Insulated Soft Shell Jackets and Track Suits that are consistent in style and if worn by a player or member of the Oshawa Minor Hockey Association must be provided by an authorized supplier as approved by the Oshawa Minor Hockey Association (referred to in this document as “Association” or “OMH”). Game jerseys are also considered Team Apparel.“Other Team Apparel” would include mocknecks, hats, practice jerseys, performance apparel, all of which can be purchased at the team’s option from other suppliers as clarified in Question 4.
2. Can Game Jerseys be ordered by non-players?
Absolutely! All teams welcome the additional support of team colours in the stands. Individual Game Jerseys are $90 per jersey, including numbering, and can be ordered online. We highly recommend that orders are placed with the Team Fitting for season delivery. Please see the 2012 Catalogue for further information.
3. Is it mandatory for the teams to purchase the Team Apparel?
No, it is not mandatory for the team to purchase the Team Apparel. However, if you chose to purchase track suits or jackets, the teams must purchase these styles only from Spirit Sportswear as they are the only supplier approved by the Association to offer this product to our membership.  Please see answer to Question 4.
4. Can we order jackets or track suits from other companies?
Can we order different styles?
Choosing to order track suits and jackets from a different company or in a different style will only disadvantage your team as they progress through the Association and will lead to disciplinary action of the team staff. Oshawa Minor Hockey wishes to present a unified and consistent look for the teams and the Association while minimizing (i) costs to the parents/teams; and (ii) the time invested by the team staff in coordinating the ordering of Team Apparel. Volume purchasing allows all of us to take advantage of lower prices and enables the players to potentially wear the apparel for more than one season, or “hand down” the apparel if they choose to do so.
5. Can we order Other Team Apparel such as turtle necks, performance wear, practice jerseys, etc from other suppliers?
Please refer to the Apparel Catalogue page for additional Association apparel.
6. How long will this new look be in effect?
We are now entering our fourth season with this same look. We will assess the offerings prior to the commencement of the 2012-2013 season.
7. Can Team Apparel be ordered after May 25?
Yes, Team Apparel may be ordered at anytime. However, please be aware that orders placed during the months prior to the beginning of the hockey season (August, September) run the risk of longer delivery times due to sheer volume received from this and other organizations. Please also remember that all orders must be placed online and that payment must be made when making your order. Note, we have taken into consideration that the Midget teams will be ordering towards mid September and will work with those teams individually to ensure prompt delivery.
8. How are changes or cancellations to orders handled?
Any cancellations or changes to orders should immediately be brought to the attention of Ray Gomme (email:  Please see answers to Questions, 9, 10 and 11 for further information.
9. Can we cancel our orders?
Cancellations or individual or team orders may be made up to and including May 23. If a cancellation is not made prior to this time, the member will be invoiced for the cost of the items cancelled and the items will be delivered to you. Cancellations during the regular season can only be made if the order has not yet been placed by Spirit Sportswear. See Question 8 for further information.
10. Are sizing changes to the Order permitted?
Changes to sizing must be received by Spirit Sportswear prior to May 23. We anticipate that size changes will be minimal due to the ordering process. Therefore, such requests will be addressed on a case by case basis. See Question 8 for further information.
11. Can numbering be added or changed to the 3-1 Jackets or track suits after the order has been placed?
Yes, but please ensure that any changes are received by Spirit Sportswear no later than May 31.  Where applicable, the price of your jacket will be revised accordingly. After May 31 numbering may be ordered but there may be slight delay in receiving your order. Again, the cost of the apparel will be adjusted accordingly. Please note that numbering cannot be changed once it has been applied to a garment. See Question 8 for further information.
12. Are returns or exchanges permitted?
Defective merchandise – product will be exchanged or repaired at no cost to the player depending on the extent of the defect. Items which have been crested and personalized are non-returnable unless defective. See Question 8 for further information.
13. What if a parent orders Team Apparel and they wish to cancel after May 25 or a player quits the team prior to the start of the season?
If such a situation arises for a parent or player, please consult with Spirit Sportswear to determine if the product may be used for other orders. See Question 8 for further information.
14. Can numbering be added to the 3-1 Jacket and track suits after the Team Apparel has been received by the team?
Yes, however due to health regulations, the product must be new, recently dry cleaned or washed. Please return the garments to Spirit Sportswear and they will apply the number(s) (maximum 2 numbers) at a cost of $5.00 (tax included) per number location.
15. Are taxes included in the price?
Yes, for Youth taxes included are 5% GST, and for Adult 13% HST.
16. Can the track suits and pants be ordered in different sizes at no additional cost?
Yes, when mixing sizes within the size category, ie YS jacket with YM pants. If you are mixing Youth and Adult sizes, the cost of the suit will be determined based on the individual cost of each piece.
17. Can we continue to wear the red melton jackets?
Yes. However, these jackets are no longer available for order.
18. Is numbering of the jackets and track suits permitted?
Yes, we recognize that personalizing the jacket is a decision to be made by the purchaser. Therefore, we have provided pricing that includes the inclusion of numbers or initials on the 3-1 jackets, and numbers only on the track suits (initials not available). Initials for the soft shells and 3-1 jackets are located on the inside of the jacket. However, we do wish to stress that numbering is optional and a decision to be made by the purchaser of the Team Apparel. Other personalizations are only available for Coach, Asst. Coach, and Trainer.
19. What do I do if I cannot make my team fitting?
If you are unable to make your scheduled team fitting, you may attend any other scheduled team fitting. Click HERE for a list of all scheduled team fittings.
20. When is payment due, and what are the available methods of payment?
Starting in 2012 all orders must be placed online, and payment is due when orders are placed. The currently available methods of online payment include VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and PayPal.