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During the 2005-2006 season, the Oshawa Minor Hockey Association will be celebrating its 72nd season of providing minor hockey in Oshawa.

The original “Oshawa Hockey League” was organized in 1933, operating out of the old Oshawa Arena. This organization became known as the “City League”, and then evolved into the Oshawa Minor Hockey Association, with the slogan Hockey for All.

The Oshawa Arena, also locally known as Hambly’s, was located on the west bank of the Oshawa creek, immediately north of Bond Street, approximately on the present site of Ontario Motor Sales and part of the Kinsment Stadium. This arena was home base for Oshawa Minor Hockey from the early 30’s until it burned in september 1953.

Our present base of operations is Children’s Arena, which was constructed in 1956, and modernized and upgraded in 1993.

Today, Oshawa Minor Hockey encompasses Rep teams at Triple ‘A’ (Eastern Triple ‘A’ League), Double ‘A’ (York Simcoe League), Single ‘A’ (Lakeshore League), and ‘AE’ (Lakeshore League). Beginning with the 1997-98 season, the minor hockey recreational House Leagues of the Neighbourhood Associations Sports Committee (NASC), and the Oshawa Church Hockey League (OCHL) were affiliated to Oshawa Minor Hockey.

The total registration for all branches of the organization is in excess of 3400 players, with ice time in all 5 current City of Oshawa Arenas, as well as additional hours at the new Legends Centre, which is due to open its doors in mid-November.

The Ontario Minor Hockey Association Manual of Operations is rich in listings of Championships and Runners-Up for Oshawa teams at all age levels.

There is a lengthy list of Oshawa hockey graduates, players and coaches, who have gone on to excel at higher levels in OHA Junior, the OHL, Collegiate Hockey in both Canada and the U.S.A., as well as to the highest level of NHL stardom! The tradition continues.

Oshawa Minor Hockey Association… BUILDING CHARACTER THROUGH SPORT.