Association Member Ejection (2017-18) (Oshawa Minor Hockey)

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This form is filled by an Oshawa Minor Hockey team immediately after the Game Score Reporting Form is submitted and whenever an association member (Coach, Player, Parent) is ejected from a game or the rink. The following penalties need a form submission (MP-Match, GM-Game Misconduct, GRM-Gross Misconduct), (M-Misconduct does not). If a parent is removed from the rink the form must be submitted. There must be one submission per ejection.
  1. Oshawa Minor Hockey will review the form and may be in contact with the Head Coach regarding this incident.  The form will be automatically sent to Rep Convenor, Rep Team Manager, and our OMHA Centre Contact.

    The Referee will report all Major, Misconduct (M), Game Misconduct (GM), Gross Misconduct (GRM) and Match (MP) penalties with details surrounding the penalty. It will be on the back of the original Gamesheet copy. This will also include any incidents, injuries, and unusual circumstances. 
    The length of suspension is automatic and detailed in the OMHA Manual of Operations.  The exception for length is Match Penalties and the GRM63 (Discriminatory Slur) - these will require further investigation by OMHA.

    Penalty descriptions followed by an asterisk (*) are subject to accumulating suspensions. Please reference charts for Accumulation Sanctions in OMHA Handbook (pages 204 - 206). Link also available in our website Resource Centre / Managers / OMHA Suspension List.

    Should you have any questions please contact your Rep Convenor.
Team Information
  1. Example: [email protected] Your submission will be sent to this address.
Game Information
  1. This is the game number from OMHA so please make every effort to put correct number as it may require follow-up by your Convenor. If this score submission is for Tournament or Exhibition games enter 0 (zero).
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    Open the calendar popup.
Ejection Details
Enter information regarding the ejection. Ensure that you get the correct Penalty Number (MP, GRM, GM) from the gamesheet
  1. Who was ejected.
  2. Select the penalty number from the Gamesheet. For example, GM51 - Check from behind (Major). If you are outside OMHA, select Other and put # in the witness comments. Penalty descriptions followed by an asterisk (*) are subject to accumulating suspensions. Please reference charts for Accumulation Sanctions
  3. Who is providing the description of incident. This is most likely the Coaching Staff. Oshawa MHA would like this in case they need to review the incident.
  4. Provide a short description of what happened in your view. Oshawa MHA would like this information in case there is further review required. In addition it is easier to remember immediately following the game.
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