Tryout Registration (2020-21) (Oshawa Minor Hockey)

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U8,U9,U10, U11 (formerly known as Minor Novice to Atom) tryouts are in the Fall. Please register now and we will be in contact closer to Fall tryouts. All players coming for Tryouts in Oshawa must be residents within the boundaries of the City of Oshawa for the purpose of playing hockey; you will be asked for proof. If you are a non-resident please fill in form and make note of Non-Resident section at bottom of this form. Oshawa Minor Hockey is using the Tryout Player List for upcoming tryout season. Your unique 'Code' will be provided to you when you arrive at the first tryout. Please read the tryout procedure page for further details. Oshawa MHA will also review your tryout submission form for content and if there are any issues will contact you at the email address or phone number provided on registration form. You may also receive a re-submission of Form email - this is okay as we will apply updates to forms as necessary to ensure quality of information provided. Please do not submit multiple registration forms. If there are any questions or concerns at all please email [email protected]
Level to Start Tryouts
U8,U9,U10,U11 tryouts are in the Fall. Please register and we will be in contact closer to Fall tryouts. Please indicate, by choosing from the drop-down lists below, at which LEVEL this player will start tryouts (ie. AAA, or AA, or A, or AE) and their "preferred position.". All returning players must start tryouts at the level above where they played at the previous year (ie. an A level player from last year will at minimum start tryouts at the AA level this year).
  1. Birth year is in brackets. Please ensure you select the correct dropdown.
  2. In our U8,U9 development programs all players attend the evaluations and are assigned to teams so please select AAA.
  3. There are no set positions in our U8,U9 development programs. In all other programs, the coaching staff determines player positions. The best seventeen (17) hockey players are chosen regardless of position. The position played by that player in tryouts is not necessarily the position that child will play all year.
Player Contact Information
All fields are required. NOTE: address information is where the player lives as of tryouts. If you are currently not an Oshawa resident but you are moving into Oshawa prior to next season starting, please enter your current address and select 'Moving to Oshawa' option from the How long at this address field. You also must have a Residency Transfer approved by the OMHA (send email immediately to [email protected] for further instruction).
  1. RadDatePicker
    Open the calendar popup.
  2. Please enter an email address that we can contact you with to resolve any issues on form, provide to Head Coaches for communication and send a copy of your submission to. It is important to provide a valid email address for these purposes.
  3. Contact number to reach in case of email address is invalid. Will only be used if there are issues with email communication.
  4. How long has the player lived at the address on tryout registration form. Also use this field to indicate if you are moving into Oshawa.
Where did you play last season?
This is required information. If you did not play last year select that option from dropdowns and enter N/A in City/Association.

Non Resident Players section only
If you are a non resident of Oshawa - there are only three ways to be permitted to play Rep hockey. (1) You are moving to Oshawa before start of next season (need Residency Transfer Form) or (2) you have an M1 Waiver to play AAA level only (need M1 Waiver forms from your Centres). (3) NRP Passport to play AA from Centre that does not have AA . Indicate in the Comments section your current status. If you have any questions on this process please contact our OMHA Centre Contact ([email protected])

  1. Enter the current status of your non-resident form being submitted or moving to Oshawa plans.
Additional Comments (Optional)
  1. Use this field if you would like to provide any additional information to Oshawa MHA that has not already been provided above.
  1. Thank you for choosing to participate in the Oshawa Minor Hockey tryouts. New to 2020-21 season is the split of tryouts between Spring (U12,U13,U14,U15,U16 - formerly Minor Peewee to Minor Midget) and Fall (U8,U9,U10,U11,U18 - formerly Minor Novice to Atom, Midget)

    An email will be automatically generated to Oshawa Minor Hockey tryout coordinator. You will also receive a copy of this form sent to the email address supplied above (** please keep a copy **).  The tryout coordinator will verify content of your form and contact you only if there are issues.  Your form will be provided to the Head Coach of the team you are trying out for and they will contact you closer to the first tryout date of when to attend.

    Prior to your first tryout you will receive a unique 'Code' from the Coach via an email. It is important to keep this 'Code' as it will be used for that teams tryout as player identification in the Selection/Release process.  After receiving your 'Code' on the first tryout night, please visit the teams webpage and confirm your 'Code' is in the list.

    If you do get released and are attending the next level for tryout, the process (as described above) will repeat itself.  You will get a new unique 'Code' for the next team at your first tryout for that team. DO NOT SUBMIT ANOTHER REGISTRATION FORM.

    There is a procedure manual on our website as well under the Tryouts Menu should you want to find additional information.

    In addition the Tryout Schedule is also located on our website, please check for your start date and time.  

    If in doubt, please email [email protected] with your concern or question.
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