Coaching Staff Application (Current) 2022-23 (Oshawa Minor Hockey)

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This form is sent to all current season Coaching Staff. Please fill out the this Application if you are interested in a Head Coach position with Oshawa MHA next season. You will be contacted if an interview is required. Please note that we will be posting a general Coaching Application form on our website that is only for NEW to Oshawa people (you only need to submit this one)
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Our Development Program
We appreciate and use your feedback on our Development Program.
  1. 1star="poor or inconsistent or other issues" up to 5 stars = "excellent or great improvement evident". Focus your response on did your players' skills improve appreciably? The vendors were required to teach as follows: Kristy Rancourt - focus on skating, 3Zones - Atom: focus on skating and puckhandling + Peewee: focus on passing and shooting
Mentors (U10 to U13)
Please answer if you are in the U10 to U13 age groups
  1. 1star="poor or inconsistent or not terribly helpful or didn't seem him much" up to 5 stars = "excellent or very helpful or had a positive impact"
Mentors (U14 to U18)
Please answer if you in the U14 to U18 age groups
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  2. 1star="poor or inconsistent or not terribly helpful" up to 5 stars = "excellent or very helpful or made a difference"
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