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Oshawa Minor Hockey Association supports the OMHA directive on centre residents ability to request a AAA Waiver.

Click here for link to OMHA Bulletin Electronic_AAA_Waivers_2019_March_12

From bulletin - "In order to be eligible for a AAA Waiver, a player must register for AAA try outs, attend AAA try outs in their appropriate age division and not have signed, or been offered a card to sign, with that club/association/zone team. For an adjacent AAA club/association/zone team to permit a non-resident player to try out the player must provide a copy of the Electronic AAA Waiver either printed or emailed. Players not signed or offered a card in accordance with OHF Regulation E32 are entitled to apply for a AAA Waiver, and no request for the Waiver shall be unduly denied or delayed. In the Lake Ontario Region (LOR) the card must be offered in accordance with OHF Regulation E59."

There are strict date/times being enforced by OMHA. Therefore you must submit your request ASAP after you have been released. We have 2 delegates for Oshawa MHA (Adrian Vanhemmen and Bill Swindells). Oshawa MHA has setup an online Form that you must fill out to initiate the AAA Waiver request - upon submission it will automatically send an email to Adrian and Bill. They will review it and enter the OMHA Portal request. Please ensure that you double-check the information requested on the form is accurate as it will cause delays if not.  

From Bulletin - "OMHA AAA Centres/Zones, through the OMHA Portal, will submit the information required in order to issue the OHF Waiver to the player. Once completed the information will automatically be emailed to the email address provided for the player with a copy to the issuing Centre/Zone, the OMHA and the OHF. The Electronic AAA Waiver must be emailed, through the OMHA Portal, to the parent by the President, Delegate or other authorized individual, the day immediately following the player being released and within the following specified timeframes: • No later than 12:00 PM on the following day if the tryout takes place Sunday to Thursday. • No later than 9:00 AM on the following day if the tryout takes place on Friday or Saturday. "

Link to Oshawa MHA online Form that is used for us to generate the OMHA Portal request is here - Request AAA Waiver

IMPORTANT NOTE: when you submit our form you will receive an email. This is NOT your AAA Waiver - it is simply our Oshawa MHA procedure to initiate a request. You MUST wait until you receive the OMHA Portal email as that will be your signal that AAA Waiver has been approved by OMHA.

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