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Approved Oshawa MHA Supplier

Oshawa MHA has selected Spirit Sportswear as our approved supplier for Team Apparel. All team apparel using the Oshawa MHA logo must be ordered by each individual through Spirit Sportswear.  If you have questions please speak with your Team Manager.

Spirit Sportswear website link for browsing and ordering is  (Oshawa Minor Hockey login page).  Username:minorgenerals, Password:oshawa

Key Dates for Ordering
Orders are processed on the 15th of each month throughout the season – starting with August 15th (in order for Spirit Sportswear to process on the 15th all orders must be in by midnight on the 14th). Spirit Sportswear will process an order Dec 15th but the last guaranteed delivery for Christmas is the November 15th order.

Fitting dates:
- Sept 30th  - this is for the Midgets as well as anyone else who needs to be fitted – 5:30pm -8:30pm
- Pre-Christmas fitting – November 5th – 5:30-8:30 – open to everyone

Anyone requiring new jerseys or hockey shells should bring their shoulder pads and pants to the fitting.

Please note that DD Sewing is responsible for creating and applying the name bars.  They can also make alterations to the jerseys.

Team Apparel and Dress Code (from Oshawa MHA Manual of Operations)

Dress Code - Minor Peewee & Below
  Players – Tracksuits with white or blue turtle/mock neck sweaters
  Coaches - shirt and tie
  Trainer - Oshawa MHA tracksuit

Dress Code - Peewee to Midget
  Players & Coaches – shirt and tie, dress pants or cords, appropriate footwear
  Trainer - Oshawa MHA tracksuit
***NOTE: Hockey Jackets are not mandatory

For practices players should come prepared for dry land training in tracksuit, t­shirt and runners.

All team officials, except Trainers must adhere to the appropriate dress code as an example to the players. Coaching staff must not wear jeans or ball hats on the bench. Trainers may wear casual clothing and shoes appropriate for on ice activity.

All Oshawa REP AE, A, AA, and AAA teams may purchase the standard association jacket and tracksuit, as outlined by Oshawa MHA available only from the approved official supplier.

Oshawa Generals Logo. The Oshawa Generals logo may not be used by Oshawa MHA teams, even if permission is received from the Oshawa Generals.

Oshawa MHA Logo – REP teams in the Oshawa MHA must use ONLY THE OFFICIAL Oshawa MHA Logo. Apparel purchased by teams from other than official suppliers will result in disciplinary action for both the manager and head coach.

The Logo and associated text is available from our approved suppliers only. The Oshawa MHA approved suppliers are listed in Section 2.8.

Oshawa MHA jackets and tracksuits are only to be purchased from Spirit Sportswear. Other types of team apparel may not be purchased unless authorized by the Oshawa MHA Executive. 

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