Tryout Registration U10-U18 (2023-24) (Oshawa Minor Hockey)

Print Tryout Registration U10-U18 (2023-24)
Please submit this registration form if you intend to tryout for Oshawa Minor Hockey.
Age Group Registering for
  1. Birth year is in brackets. Please ensure you select the correct dropdown.
  2. The Head Coach has discretion to utilize the player at the position that best supports the team and player.
Player Contact Information
All fields are required. NOTE: address information is where the player lives as of Tryouts. If you are currently not an Oshawa resident but you are moving into Oshawa prior to next season starting, please enter your current address and select 'Moving to Oshawa' option from the How long at this address field. You also must have a Residency Transfer approved by the OMHA (send email immediately to [email protected] for further instruction).
  1. RadDatePicker
    Open the calendar popup.
  2. Please enter an email address that we can contact you with to resolve any issues on form, provide to Head Coaches for communication and send a copy of your submission to. It is important to provide a valid email address for these purposes.
  3. Contact number to reach in case of email address is invalid. Will only be used if there are issues with email communication.
  4. How long has the player lived at the address on tryout registration form. Also use this field to indicate if you are moving into Oshawa.
Where did you play last season?
This is required information. If you did not play last year select that option from dropdowns and enter N/A in City/Association.

Non Resident Players section only
ONLY use this section if you are not a resident of Oshawa. DO NOT SUBMIT REGISTRATION FORM UNTIL YOU HAVE ATTENDED YOUR HOME CENTRE TRYOUTS AND HAVE RECEIVED YOUR RELEASE. When to use this section (1) Residency Transfer Forms because i am moving to Oshawa. (2) I am a non-resident but played on Oshawa AAA previous season. (3) I will be submitting a Permission to Skare (PTS) to attend an Oshawa AAA tryout. If you have any questions on this process please contact our OMHA Centre Contact ([email protected])

  1. PTS Form - When PTS is received from your home centre - please ensure that the Parent has signed (located at the bottom of form). Email the signed copy to [email protected]. This is required before the player can participate in the tryouts.
Game Jerseys
It is important for Oshawa MHA to estimate the number of jerseys that players will need to order for the upcoming season.
  1. Note, if you are not ordering jerseys then please enter 0 in the Jersey choice # 1,2,3
  2. Numbers not available are 37,38,39 as these numbers are used as AP jerseys
  3. Numbers not available are 37,38,39 as these numbers are used as AP jerseys
  4. Numbers not available are 37,38,39 as these numbers are used as AP jerseys
Additional Comments (Optional)
  1. Use this field if you would like to provide any additional information to Oshawa MHA that has not already been provided above.
  1. Thank you for choosing to participate in the Oshawa Minor Hockey.

    An email will be automatically generated to Oshawa Minor Hockey coordinator. You will also receive a copy of this form sent to the email address supplied above (** please keep a copy **).  The coordinator will verify content of your form and contact you only if there are issues.  

    Oshawa MHA coach will be in contact when ready to start hockey.

    If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected].

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