Coaching Application (2018-19) (Oshawa Minor Hockey)

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Please fill out the this Application if you are interested in a a Head Coaching position with Oshawa MHA. If you are a returning Coach we may (or may not) interview. All new Coaches to Oshawa MHA will be contacted if an interview is required. Interviews will be arranged by contacting you at the email address or phone number provided.
Contact Information
  1. Example: ###-###-####
  2. Example: ###-###-####
  3. Example: [email protected] Your submission will be sent to this address.
Team Applying For
Please supply a second and third choice if you are willing to accept another team.
  1. Why do you want to coach the team you have applied for as your first choice? Please indicate the strengths and weaknesses of this team and how they will affect your coaching plan.
  2. Indicate (in your opinion) where your child is on team depth chart.
  3. Are you currently on an Oshawa MHA Coaching Staff. This could be HC, AC, Tr, On Ice Volunteer
  4. Please indicate if you have applied for a coaching position with Oshawa MHA in the past.
  5. Have you ever been dismissed or suspended by an Amateur Sports Organization?
  6. If you are a returning Coach we may (or may not) interview. Select Yes if you would like an interview. NOTE: All new Coaches to Oshawa MHA may be required to have an interview.
Coaching History
Enter information on the most recent and previous year coaching positions held.
  1. The name of the hockey association
  2. Position held and any comments you would like to provide
  3. The name of the hockey association
  4. Position held and any comments you would like to provide

  5. Select what you have
Coaching Resources
Please indicate your level of experience with the following coaching tools utilized by Oshawa MHA.
  1. site is the Oshawa MHA selected internet site resource for practice planning. Plans and drills available, in addition with ability to create/manage your own. Licence cost covered by Oshawa MHA. Indicate your level of experience.

  2. Oshawa MHA is using Season Plans. This provides a roadmap to your season and allows you to focus on key skill deliverables (Technical, Team, Tactical). Coach has full choice of which drills. Assistance in creation and maintenance will be provided. Regular updates to your Season Plan are required.
  3. Oshawa MHA will be providing Coach Mentors. Have you worked with an Association Coach Mentor previously?
General Comments (Optional)
This section is available if you have any general comments or statements you would like to convey to the Coaching Selection Committee.
Hockey References (New Coach to Oshawa MHA)
If you are a new Coach to Oshawa MHA, please provide the name and phone number of 2 hockey references that we may contact.
  1. Example: ###-###-####
  2. Example: ###-###-####
  1. By submitting this Application to Oshawa MHA, you are indicating that you have read, understood, and will agree to all the terms and conditions on behalf of your Staff. You agree to comply with all Rules and Regulations of Hockey Canada, The Ontario Hockey Federation, The Ontario Minor Hockey Association and Oshawa Minor Hockey Association

    I agree ..
    .. that the Head Coach bears the ultimate responsibility for any and all Team Staff conduct or lack of performance in their duties. It is also understood that all signing parties are subject to discipline or suspension at the Oshawa MHA Board of Directors discretion.
    .. to have a Criminal Record Check done and filed with Oshawa MHA before being appointed to a Team Staff
    .. that any items containing the Oshawa MHA Logo and reference to Oshawa MHA in any form shall require approval by Oshawa MHA Board of Directors, or Designate, prior to the order and purchase of such items.
    .. to update or attain, as required, Coach, Trainer, and Prevention Services Certifications immediately after being appointed to a Team
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