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Oshawa MHA Registration

Oshawa MHA requires that all interested participants register online by clicking “Online Registration”.  The Tryout Procedure is also documented and should be read as Oshawa MHA uses the Tryout Player List to select/release players from teams.  This means that you will receive a Unique Code at your first Tryout with team that will be used to identify you on the Tryout Player List webpage for that team. Click here for procedure.

In order for the Tryout process to run successfully, it is highly recommended that ALL players register by April 1, 2017. If you cannot register online please contact:  Tryout Coordinator @ [email protected]

All registered players will be contacted by the Head Coach of each team with tryout dates and ice times prior to their first scheduled ice time. Cost of tryouts in order to cover ice costs are $5 (1 hour) and $10 (> 1 hour). All Tryout Exhibition Games are $20 (regardless of home or away).

Midget age.  There will be Spring Skates for residents of Oshawa and players currently (2016-17 season) on Minor Midget or Midget AAA teams and then a final set of tryouts in the Fall (date TBA).  The full schedule can be found on the Tryout Schedule page (link).

2017-2018 Try-Out Policy

One of the primary objectives of Oshawa Minor Hockey (Oshawa MHA) is to encourage players to compete at the appropriate level of competition to maximize their development both as players and individuals. Meeting this objective will enable the association and its members to put forth competitive teams for all levels of play.

In addition, it is the responsibility of Oshawa MHA to meet level of play requirements in accordance with the Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) guidelines. These guidelines include that a AAA Association can not enter a team in a lower level of play if there is no team entered in the immediate level above.  For example, Oshawa MHA must enter (i)  a “AAA” team to enter a “AA” team.

Players must attend all of the tryout sessions for the team they wish to play for. Absences for extenuating circumstances (i.e. illness, injury, etc.) can be permitted at the discretion of the coach. Check with the relevant coach if you are not sure about what is acceptable.

All players are required to attend, within their appropriate age category, one level of play higher than the level of play in their just completed season. For example, returning players at the “A” level for the just ended season MUST attend at least the “AA” tryouts for the upcoming season (AAA->AAA,AA->AAA, A->AA, AE->A, HL->any level).

Players not attending appropriate tryouts or declining to play at the higher level will not be eligible for :

  • being signed as Alternate Player (AP) to another team roster

  • receiving any Oshawa MHA season awards

  • being named a Captain or Assistant

  • a Parent to be part of the team coaching staff

A player may not request a release from tryouts until the teams first tryout with releases.  For example if the Coach is not releasing any players until the 3rd tryout you must attend all tryouts until then.  A request is not automatically granted as it is the Coaches decision if the player has an opportunity to make the team - in which case the player is to continue with tryouts.  At AAA any requests for M1 Waiver release can not be made by the Coach - this needs to go through Oshawa MHA.  Player is to continue with tryouts until request is reviewed.

If it is your intent not to tryout at one level above your recently completed season you must indicate your reason for your decision by sending an email to [email protected] (include player name, team played on previous season, and reason). You will be contacted by Oshawa MHA prior to the start of tryouts to further discuss your reason for not attending tryouts at the one level above your recently completed season. For players that choose not to attend the tryout level above and do not indicate their reason for not attending the level above on their registration form that player will not be permitted to attend the tryouts in the registered level of play until a meeting has occurred between Oshawa MHA and you.

Any coach who has been awarded a team, who also has a child at the same age group, MUST take his/her child to the tryouts for the immediate level above where the child played the previous season. If the coach from the team at the level immediately above where the child played last season would like to keep that child, the parent/coach of the child then has three options:

  1. Allow his/her child to play at the level above, and continue to coach the level below,

  2. Allow his/her child to play at the level above, but not coach the level below. Oshawa Minor Hockey will find a replacement coach for the team he was to coach,

  3. Allow his/her child to play at the level at which he played the previous season. In this situation, the parent will NOT be permitted to be part of the coaching staff/volunteer. This rule will also apply to all potential staff/volunteer positions associated with the team which may be added after the tryout process

Due to time restrictions there will be no individual parent meetings held during tryouts.

As always, please consult the convener for the appropriate division or the Rep Team Chair for any clarification of this policy.

‘Chair’ Rep Teams Lynn Jennings
[email protected]
‘Tyke’ Rep Teams Norah Warmuth   t[email protected]
‘AE’ Rep Teams Norah Warmuth   [email protected]
‘A’ Rep Teams James Harvey   [email protected]
‘AA’ Rep Teams James Harvey   [email protected]
‘AAA’ Rep Teams Norah Warmuth
[email protected]

Residency for Oshawa Minor Hockey Tryouts

Please note that all players coming for Tryouts in Oshawa must be residents within the boundaries of the City of Oshawa for the purpose of playing hockey; you will be asked for proof. If you are planning to move into Oshawa for the 2017-18 season, you must have a Residency Transfer approved by the OMHA. The OMHA no longer has the “INTENT to MOVE” forms.

The only exceptions will be players from Novice to Minor Midget AAA on the AAA OHF M1 waivers from an adjacent Centre or Zone. You must submit all AAA waivers between your HOME Centre or Zone and Oshawa before you can come on the ice. We do not accept LOR Permission to Skate.

All Non Resident Players must submit required paperwork (AAA M1 Waiver) at the first tryout for AAA. Oshawa will keep the M1 Waiver form for the duration of your tryout.  If you are released please pickup your M1 Waiver from our Centre Contact (M1 Waiver Contact). 

All Non Resident Players wishing to tryout in Oshawa must contact:

Oshawa MHA Centre Contact (Bill Swindells): [email protected]

OHF AAA Waivers – Transferring IN to Oshawa

We will be accepting Players on OHF AAA Waivers for tryouts at all age levels.

OHF AAA Waivers – Transferring OUT of Oshawa

OMH abides by the Ontario MHA & OHF policies regarding tryouts and waivers requested by Oshawa Players wishing to leave the centre. Players are to register and participate for AAA tryouts in their Home Centre or Zone. The Centre or Zone sets the minimum skates to attend for tryouts. If a player requests a AAA waiver from the Coach, the Coach is to advise the Oshawa MHA Rep Committee. The Rep Committee will meet with the Coach to discuss the player. The Rep Committee will make the final decision.

If a Player can be an asset to the team, he is offered a roster spot. A form will be provided to the player/parent to sign indicating their acceptance, yes or no, of the offered roster spot. If the player declines, copies of the form will be sent by email to the Ontario MHA and our Rep Committee. Players declining the roster spot may appeal the Oshawa MHA decision through the Ontario MHA appeal process. The player may not go to tryouts outside of his Home Centre until the Ontario MHA hears the appeal.

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