2019-2020 Details (Current Season), Seasons (Oshawa Minor Hockey)

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  • 4 - 14 - 2
    Minor Atom AAA
    Coached by Jim Pyzer, Joe Haars, Robert Latimer. Team staff include Vanessa Benedict, Desmond Collett, Mark Gibson. Sponsored by Benedict-SilverBirch Wealth Management . Next event: "MANDATORY TEAM EVENT " (4:00 PM-5:15 PM).
  • 7 - 13 - 3
    Atom AAA
    Coached by Owen Kennedy, Andrew Campbell, Russell Hardy. Team staff include Dan Hutchings, Darryl Peterson, Melissa Pye. Sponsored by Ontario Motor Sales. Latest news: "It Takes A Village" (Nov 04).
  • 12 - 11 - 2
    Minor Peewee AAA
    Coached by Adam Mercer, Dan Barton, Kevin Marchant. Team staff include Carmela Belmonte, Julie Boyd, Justin Jimmo. Sponsored by Rockbrune Bros. Movers. Next event: "Generals 5050" (4:45 PM-6:45 PM).
  • 4 - 15 - 2
    Peewee AAA
    Coached by Matt Reed, Phil Brown, Bradley Robins. Team staff include Scott Brough, Rob Hercia, Brian Taylor. Sponsored by Crows Sports. Next event: "Team / Individual Photos" (9:30 AM-11:00 AM).
  • 10 - 12 - 5
    Minor Bantam AAA
    Coached by Bob McQuat, Tim Bruton, Kirk Rickards. Team staff include Teresa Closs, Doug D Angelo, Aaron Woolley. Sponsored by IShield Insurance. Next event: "Barn team workout" (7:00 PM-8:00 PM).
  • 12 - 10 - 6
    Bantam AAA
    Coached by Tony Stabile, Shawn McGuire. Team staff include Jonas Derks, Kirk Lowe, Ryan O'Dette. Sponsored by Oshawa/Durham AM Kiwanis. Next event: "MBF Team Visit" (6:30 PM-7:15 PM).
  • 13 - 9 - 6
    Minor Midget AAA
    Coached by Derrick Smith, Greg Latin, Steven Vince. Team staff include Charles Koester, Trevor Torrance. Sponsored by MNP LLP. Latest news: "Minor Midget AAA Support Feed the Need Durham" (Sep 30).
  • 4 - 8 - 3
    Midget AAA
    Coached by Shawn Wallace, Jason Bailey, Nate Joy. Team staff include Taylor Collins, Joseph Rumolo, Sue Wallace. Sponsored by Durham Ultimate Fitness Club. Latest news: "HEADING TO BARRIE AAA TOURNEY" (Oct 21). Next event: "Team Fundraiser" (11/15/19-11/16/19).
  • 18 - 7 - 2
    Minor Atom AA
    Coached by Jonathan Lloyd, Charles Bosworth, Chris Mace. Team staff include Jeremy Fisher, Jason Griffiths, Ann-Marie Minor. Sponsored by Newton Trelawney Property Management. Latest news: "Oshawa Generals Minor Atom AA's are Tournament Champions at Ajax Break the Ice" (Sep 16).
  • 6 - 12 - 3
    Atom AA
    Coached by Mike Griffin, Jason Babiy, Tom Clark. Team staff include Mike Luck, Mike Pryde, Jeff Watson. Sponsored by Jenkins-Escott Team. Latest news: "Atom AA Helping Others" (Jul 11). Next event: "Development skate-Perfect Skating" (7:00 AM-8:30 AM).
  • 12 - 10 - 4
    Minor Peewee AA
    Coached by Nick Sutton, Steve Groeneveld. Team staff include Melanie Groeneveld, Jimmy McKenzie, Chris Walker. Sponsored by Taunton Tattoo Co.. Next event: "Generals 5050" (5:45 PM-7:45 PM).
  • 6 - 11 - 3
    Peewee AA
    Coached by Jason Keat, Mark Williams. Team staff include Matthew Giroux, Jason Little. Sponsored by Durham Windows and Doors. Next event: "Perfect Skate" (9:00 AM-10:00 AM).
  • 7 - 16 - 7
    Minor Bantam AA
    Coached by Chad Rogers, Andrew Black, Jason Chizen. Team staff include Brandon Black, Chris Haslam, Alison Maruna. Sponsored by Monster Sportswear. Next event: "Team Training" (7:00 PM-8:00 PM).
  • 8 - 13 - 3
    Bantam AA
    Coached by Ed McIlwaine, Dason Lyons. Team staff include Bob Brien, Stuart Brindle, Jen McIlwaine. Sponsored by Monster Sportswear. Next event: "Bantam Shoot-Out & Relay" (1:30 PM-2:30 PM).
  • 5 - 15 - 3
    Minor Midget AA
    Coached by Steve Kitchen, Derek Hodgson. Team staff include James Harvey, Brian Kings, Garry Rutledge. Sponsored by Ontario Insulation. Next event: "Team Cross-Fit" (7:30 PM-8:30 PM).
  • 7 - 12 - 0
    Midget AA
    Coached by Dale Magrath, Tim Adams, Greg Sauve. Team staff include Chrisa Erodotou, Bob Dearborn, Josh Thompson. Latest news: "Midget AA" (Sep 07). Next event: "Goalie Training" (8:45 PM-9:45 PM).
  • 13 - 7 - 1
    Minor Atom A
    Coached by David Rees, Beau James, James Provis. Team staff include Mauro Dilauro, Andrew Elliot, Bill Walker. Sponsored by Hunter's Sports. Next event: "The Barn" (3:30 PM-4:30 PM).
  • 0 - 8 - 0
    Atom A
    Coached by Craig Gibson, Kevin Bigood, Derek Dallman. Team staff include Michael Adams, Aimee Leong. Sponsored by Oak Ridge Building Solutions. Latest news: "Atom A Team Finalized" (May 08). Next event: "Barn Session" (7:30 PM-9:00 PM).
  • 19 - 9 - 0
    Minor Peewee A
    Coached by Shane Watson, Ryan Cleary, James Watson. Team staff include Nick Bates, Tyler Bates, Sandra Gugliotta. Next event: "Crossfit totality (dryland training)" (7:30 PM-8:30 PM).
  • 7 - 14 - 2
    Peewee A
    Coached by Brian Pickard, Dermot Pomeroy, Arend Wakeford. Team staff include Jarrett Aus, Jordan Maye, Kendra Metcalfe. Sponsored by Frankland Haulage. Next event: "Perfect Skating" (5:15 PM-6:15 PM).
  • 3 - 19 - 4
    Minor Bantam A
    Coached by John Dyer, Glen Miller, Gary Wilson. Team staff include Danielle Dyer, Shawn Earle, Veronica Gosse. Next event: "Goalie Training" (9:00 PM-10:00 PM).
  • 7 - 14 - 0
    Bantam A
    Coached by Don Edmunds, Tony Dennis, Mike Gormley. Team staff include Joanne Antoniak. Next event: "Goalie Clinic" (8:45 PM-9:45 PM).
  • 13 - 11 - 4
    Minor Midget A
    Coached by Rob Mason, Dan Quinn, Robert Stoddart. Team staff include Mark Pierce, Judy Robins.
  • 9 - 8 - 1
    Minor Atom AE
    Coached by Justin Bisschops, Kirk Clark, Justin Fortier. Team staff include Mike Aloise, Jeff Habec, Greg Seto. Next event: "Barn Session - Player Skates" (8:30 PM-9:30 PM).
  • 14 - 2 - 2
    Atom AE
    Coached by Jay Johnston, Rob Dittrich, Jim MacNeil. Team staff include Adam Beck, Rodney Brennan, Jason Oliver. Latest news: "Atom AE - Waxers Showdown Champions" (Sep 08).
  • 17 - 5 - 2
    Minor Peewee AE
    Coached by Darcy Fergusson, Rob Dancey, Adam Fox. Team staff include Tina DiLauro, Darryl Guy, Gary Johnston. Latest news: "MP AE Wins Tournament" (Sep 10). Next event: "crossfit" (6:30 PM-7:30 PM).
  • 8 - 9 - 4
    Peewee AE
    Coached by Bryan Jackson, Mike Carnegie, Rob Fraser. Team staff include Dawn Davies, Jim Parker, Derek Maclachlan. Sponsored by Powerscreen of Canada. Next event: "Hockey Hates Hunger Food Donation" (11:30 AM-12:30 PM).
  • 3 - 14 - 2
    Minor Bantam AE
    Coached by John Pegg, Robert Demers. Team staff include Dave Cochrane, Jeff Edwards, Susan Edwards.
  • No Scores ReportedBantam AE
    Coached by Head Coach TBA.
  • No Scores ReportedMinor Midget AE
    Coached by Head Coach TBA.
  • No Scores ReportedNovice AAA
    Coached by Corey Lucas.
  • No Scores ReportedNovice AA
    Coached by Cam McLean.
  • No Scores ReportedNovice A Yellow
    Coached by Troy Sherry.
  • No Scores ReportedNovice A Green
    Coached by Tim Scott.
  • No Scores ReportedMinor Novice Yellow
    No coaches have been assigned to this team.
  • No Scores ReportedMinor Novice Royal
    No coaches have been assigned to this team.
  • No Scores ReportedMinor Novice Green
    No coaches have been assigned to this team.
  • No Scores ReportedMinor Novice Grey
    No coaches have been assigned to this team.
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