Schedule & Results, Oshawa Hockeyfest, 2017-2018 (Oshawa Minor Hockey)

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Friday, December 8, 2017
T7-MD-RR118:00 AMLC1 North Durham Warriors Black3-6Whitby Wildcats Gold
T7-MD-D228:00 AMLC2 Pickering Panthers2-1Oshawa Minor Generals Red
A-AE-RR38:00 AMCIC1 North Durham Warriors2-4Whitby Wildcats
N-AE-RR48:15 AMLC3 Markham Waxers0-8Whitby Wildcats
N-A-RR158:15 AMLC4 Oshawa Minor Generals3-11Ajax Knights
A-A-RR68:15 AMCIC2 Whitby Wildcats White0-5Clarington Toros
T7-MD-RR179:15 AMLC1 Caledon Hawks14-0Burlington Eagles
T7-MD-D289:15 AMLC2 Milton White3-3Burlington Eagles 2
A-AE-RR99:15 AMCIC1 Aurora Tigers9-2Oshawa Minor Generals
N-AE-RR109:30 AMLC3 Stouffville Clippers0-3Peterborough Petes
N-A-RR2119:30 AMLC4 Aurora Tigers1-3Whitby Wildcats
A-A-RR129:30 AMCIC2 Oshawa Minor Generals5-1Markham Waxers
T7-MD-D31310:30 AMLC1 Caledon Hawks 32-9Oshawa Minor Generals White
T7-MD-D31410:30 AMLC2 TNT Tornados2-12Quinte West Hawks
A-AE-RR1510:30 AMCIC1 Oakville Rangers10-4Northumberland Nighthawks
MA-AE-RR1610:30 AMTCC Stouffville Clippers4-2Aurora Tigers
MP-A-RR11710:45 AMLC3 Kitchener Jr Rangers7-1Oshawa Minor Generals
MP-A-RR21810:45 AMLC4 Markham Waxers7-3Peterborough Petes
MP-AA-RR1910:45 AMCIC2 TNT Tornados2-4Ajax Knights
MA-A-RR2011:45 AMLC1 Metcalfe Jets5-2Oshawa Minor Generals
P-A-RR2111:45 AMLC2 Georgina Blaze4-2Oshawa Minor Generals
MP-A-RR32211:45 AMCIC1 Whitby Wildcats0-1Ajax Knights
MA-AE-RR2311:45 AMTCC Oshawa Minor Generals7-1Burlington Bulldogs
MP-A-RR12412:00 PMLC3 Stratford Warriors1-4Cumberland Grads Blue
MP-A-RR22512:00 PMLC4 Nepean Raiders Black5-3Casselman Embrun Ice Dogs
MP-AA-RR2612:00 PMCIC2 Oshawa Minor Generals4-2Gloucester Rangers
MA-A-RR271:00 PMLC1 Nepean Raiders Black0-2Cumberland Jr Grads
MA-A-RR281:00 PMLC2 Whitby Wildcats White4-3Ottawa Sting
MP-A-RR3291:00 PMCIC1 Milton Winterhawks2-0Nepean Raiders White
MA-AE-RR301:00 PMTCC Brantford 99ers3-8Orangeville Flyers
P-A-RR311:15 PMLC3 London Jr. Mustangs White11-0Ajax Knights
N-AE-RR321:15 PMLC4 TNT Tornados7-0Markham Waxers
MP-AA-RR331:15 PMCIC2 Rideau St. Lawrence Kings4-1Mississauga North Stars
P-A-RR342:15 PMLC1 Whitby Wildcats1-3Osgoode Richmond Romans
A-A-RR352:15 PMLC2 Osgoode Richmond Romans1-3Whitby Wildcats White
T7-MD-RR1362:15 PMCIC1 Whitby Wildcats Gold7-0Burlington Eagles
N-A-RR2372:15 PMTCC Whitby Wildcats6-3Quinte West Hawks
P-A-RR382:30 PMLC3 Markham Waxers2-6Peterborough Petes
N-AE-RR392:30 PMLC4 Windsor Jr. Spitfires8-0Stouffville Clippers
T7-MD-D2402:30 PMCIC2 Burlington Eagles 22-4Oshawa Minor Generals Red
P-A-RR413:30 PMLC1 Pickering Panthers4-2North Durham Warriors
A-AE-RR423:30 PMLC2 Whitby Wildcats2-5Oakville Rangers
T7-MD-RR1433:30 PMCIC1 North Durham Warriors Black2-8Caledon Hawks
N-A-RR2443:45 PMTCC Gloucester Orleans Blues3-1Aurora Tigers
N-A-RR1453:45 PMLC3 Essex Ravens9-0Oshawa Minor Generals
N-AE-RR463:45 PMLC4 Peterborough Petes4-1Whitby Wildcats
T7-MD-D2473:45 PMCIC2 Milton White3-2Pickering Panthers
A-A-RR484:45 PMLC1 Markham Waxers6-3Pickering Panthers
A-A-RR494:45 PMLC2 Clarington Toros3-1Oshawa Minor Generals
T7-MD-D3504:45 PMCIC1 Oshawa Minor Generals White5-9Quinte West Hawks
N-A-RR1515:00 PMLC3 Ajax Knights2-7Leitrim Hawks
MA-AE-RR525:00 PMLC4 Burlington Bulldogs2-4Stouffville Clippers
T7-MD-D3535:00 PMCIC2 Caledon Hawks 35-8TNT Tornados
A-AE-RR546:00 PMLC1 Oshawa Minor Generals0-1North Durham Warriors
A-AE-RR556:00 PMLC2 Northumberland Nighthawks6-6Aurora Tigers
MA-A-RR566:00 PMCIC1 Cumberland Jr Grads4-3Oshawa Minor Generals
MA-AE-RR576:15 PMLC3 Aurora Tigers6-6Brantford 99ers
MA-AE-RR586:15 PMLC4 Orangeville Flyers5-2Oshawa Minor Generals
MA-A-RR596:15 PMCIC2 Ottawa Sting5-1Metcalfe Jets
P-AA-RR2607:15 PMLC1 Oshawa Minor Generals5-3Newmarket Redmen
P-AA-RR2617:15 PMLC2 Ottawa Sting2-2London Junior Knights Green
MP-AA-RR627:15 PMCIC1 Rideau St. Lawrence Kings4-2Oshawa Minor Generals
P-AA-RR1637:30 PMLC3 Gloucester Rangers4-2St. Thomas Stars
P-AA-RR1647:30 PMLC4 Clarington Toros0-5Waterloo Wolves
MP-AA-RR657:30 PMCIC2 Ajax Knights3-3Gloucester Rangers
P-A-RR668:30 PMLC1 Ajax Knights5-5Oshawa Minor Generals
P-A-RR678:30 PMLC2 London Jr. Mustangs White5-1Georgina Blaze
P-A-RR688:30 PMCIC1 Peterborough Petes0-1Pickering Panthers
P-A-RR698:45 PMCIC2 Whitby Wildcats3-0North Durham Warriors
P-A-RR708:45 PMLC3 Osgoode Richmond Romans5-1Markham Waxers
Saturday, December 9, 2017
N-AE-RR718:00 AMLC1 Windsor Jr. Spitfires6-2TNT Tornados
N-A-RR1728:00 AMLC2 Leitrim Hawks7-3Essex Ravens
N-A-RR2738:00 AMCIC1 Quinte West Hawks2-3Gloucester Orleans Blues
MP-A-RR2748:15 AMCIC2 Casselman Embrun Ice Dogs1-5Markham Waxers
MA-A-RR758:15 AMLC3 Whitby Wildcats White5-1Nepean Raiders Black
A-A-RR768:15 AMLC4 Pickering Panthers3-2Osgoode Richmond Romans
MP-A-RR1779:15 AMLC1 Cumberland Grads Blue3-2Oshawa Minor Generals
MP-A-RR1789:15 AMLC2 Stratford Warriors2-5Kitchener Jr Rangers
MP-A-RR2799:15 AMCIC1 Peterborough Petes5-7Nepean Raiders Black
P-AA-RR2809:30 AMCIC2 Newmarket Redmen3-4Ottawa Sting
MP-A-RR3819:30 AMLC3 Ajax Knights3-7Nepean Raiders White
MP-A-RR3829:30 AMLC4 Whitby Wildcats1-5Milton Winterhawks
P-AA-RR28310:30 AMLC1 London Junior Knights Green1-4Oshawa Minor Generals
P-AA-RR18410:30 AMLC2 St. Thomas Stars5-2Clarington Toros
P-AA-RR18510:30 AMCIC1 Waterloo Wolves2-4Gloucester Rangers
T7-MD-RR18610:45 AMCIC2 Burlington Eagles2-3North Durham Warriors Black
MP-AA-RR8710:45 AMLC3 Mississauga North Stars4-3TNT Tornados
T7-MD-RR18810:45 AMLC4 Whitby Wildcats Gold4-9Caledon Hawks
T7-MD-D28911:45 AMLC1 Oshawa Minor Generals Red4-2Milton White
N-AE-RR9011:45 AMCIC1 Markham Waxers4-5Stouffville Clippers
T7-MD-D39112:00 PMCIC2 Quinte West Hawks11-1Caledon Hawks 3
T7-MD-D29212:00 PMLC3 Burlington Eagles 27-4Pickering Panthers
T7-MD-D39312:00 PMLC4 TNT Tornados2-9Oshawa Minor Generals White
A-AE-RR941:00 PMLC1 Whitby Wildcats2-1Aurora Tigers
MA-AE-RR951:00 PMCIC1 Burlington Bulldogs7-1Brantford 99ers
MA-AE-RR961:15 PMCIC2 Stouffville Clippers3-1Orangeville Flyers
A-AE-RR971:15 PMLC3 Northumberland Nighthawks2-3North Durham Warriors
A-AE-RR981:15 PMLC4 Oakville Rangers4-3Oshawa Minor Generals
N-A-RR11002:15 PMCIC1 Ajax Knights3-3Essex Ravens
MA-AE-RR992:15 PMLC1 Aurora Tigers2-1Oshawa Minor Generals
N-A-RR21012:30 PMCIC2 Whitby Wildcats2-4Gloucester Orleans Blues
N-AE-RR1022:30 PMLC3 Peterborough Petes1-4Windsor Jr. Spitfires
N-AE-RR1032:30 PMLC4 Whitby Wildcats2-2TNT Tornados
N-A-RR11043:30 PMLC1 Leitrim Hawks11-0Oshawa Minor Generals
N-A-RR21053:30 PMCIC1 Aurora Tigers4-5Quinte West Hawks
MA-A-RR1063:45 PMCIC2 Oshawa Minor Generals0-2Nepean Raiders Black
MA-A-RR1073:45 PMLC3 Cumberland Jr Grads2-1Ottawa Sting
MA-A-RR1083:45 PMLC4 Metcalfe Jets1-2Whitby Wildcats White
MP-A-RR11094:45 PMLC1 Oshawa Minor Generals1-4Stratford Warriors
MP-A-RR21104:45 PMCIC1 Peterborough Petes2-0Casselman Embrun Ice Dogs
MP-A-RR31115:00 PMCIC2 Ajax Knights1-10Milton Winterhawks
MP-AA-RR1125:00 PMLC3 Mississauga North Stars2-1Ajax Knights
MP-A-RR21135:00 PMLC4 Markham Waxers8-0Nepean Raiders Black
MP-A-RR31146:00 PMLC1 Nepean Raiders White7-1Whitby Wildcats
A-A-RR1156:00 PMCIC1 Osgoode Richmond Romans1-5Oshawa Minor Generals
MP-A-RR11166:15 PMCIC2 Kitchener Jr Rangers1-1Cumberland Grads Blue
A-A-RR1176:15 PMLC3 Markham Waxers1-2Clarington Toros
A-A-RR1186:15 PMLC4 Pickering Panthers0-3Whitby Wildcats White
MP-AA-RR1197:00 PMLC2 TNT Tornados2-1Oshawa Minor Generals
P-A-RR1207:15 PMLC1 Oshawa Minor Generals2-2London Jr. Mustangs White
MP-AA-RR1217:15 PMCIC1 Gloucester Rangers2-5Rideau St. Lawrence Kings
P-A-RR1227:30 PMCIC2 Peterborough Petes5-2Whitby Wildcats
P-A-RR1237:30 PMLC3 Georgina Blaze2-2Ajax Knights
P-A-RR1247:30 PMLC4 Pickering Panthers2-2Osgoode Richmond Romans
P-A-RR1258:15 PMLC2 North Durham Warriors1-2Markham Waxers
P-AA-RR21268:30 PMLC1 Ottawa Sting4-2Oshawa Minor Generals
P-AA-RR11278:30 PMCIC1 St. Thomas Stars4-5Waterloo Wolves
P-AA-RR21288:45 PMCIC2 Newmarket Redmen3-0London Junior Knights Green
P-AA-RR11298:45 PMLC3 Gloucester Rangers4-2Clarington Toros
Sunday, December 10, 2017
N-A-Ch1307:45 AMCIC2 Whitby Wildcats0-9Leitrim Hawks
T7-MD-Ch1318:00 AMLC1 Oshawa Minor Generals White5-3Caledon Hawks
T7-MD-Ch1328:00 AMLC2 Oshawa Minor Generals Red2-3Quinte West Hawks
N-A-Ch1338:00 AMCIC1 Essex Ravens3-2Gloucester Orleans Blues
N-AE-Ch1348:15 AMLC3 TNT Tornados2-4Windsor Jr. Spitfires
N-AE-Ch1358:15 AMLC4 Whitby Wildcats3-0Peterborough Petes
A-AE-Ch1369:00 AMCIC2 Aurora Tigers2-4Oakville Rangers
MA-AE-Ch1379:15 AMLC1 Oshawa Minor Generals4-2Stouffville Clippers
MA-AE-Ch1389:15 AMLC2 Aurora Tigers0-2Orangeville Flyers
A-AE-Ch1399:15 AMCIC1 North Durham Warriors3-2Whitby Wildcats
MA-A-Ch1409:30 AMLC3 Metcalfe Jets3-5Whitby Wildcats White
MA-A-Ch1419:30 AMLC4 Ottawa Sting6-2Cumberland Jr Grads
MP-AA-Ch14210:15 AMCIC2 TNT Tornados1-7Rideau St. Lawrence Kings
A-A-Ch14310:30 AMLC1 Markham Waxers1-5Clarington Toros
A-A-Ch14410:30 AMLC2 Whitby Wildcats White2-1Oshawa Minor Generals
MP-AA-Ch14510:30 AMCIC1 Ajax Knights2-1Mississauga North Stars
MP-A-Ch14610:45 AMLC3 Cumberland Grads Blue2-5Milton Winterhawks
MP-A-Ch14710:45 AMLC4 Kitchener Jr Rangers5-1Markham Waxers
T7-MD-Ch14811:30 AMCIC2 Oshawa Minor Generals White4-7Quinte West Hawks
P-A-Ch14911:45 AMLC1 Peterborough Petes3-5London Jr. Mustangs White
P-AA-Ch15011:45 AMCIC1 Oshawa Minor Generals2-3Gloucester Rangers
P-A-Ch15112:00 PMLC3 Pickering Panthers1-2Osgoode Richmond Romans
P-AA-Ch15212:00 PMLC4 Waterloo Wolves1-4Ottawa Sting
N-A-Ch1531:00 PMLC1 Essex Ravens1-5Leitrim Hawks
N-AE-Ch1541:00 PMCIC1 Whitby Wildcats4-5Windsor Jr. Spitfires
MA-A-Ch1561:15 PMLC4 Ottawa Sting3-2Whitby Wildcats White
MA-AE-Ch1551:30 PMLC3 Oshawa Minor Generals0-5Orangeville Flyers
A-A-Ch1572:30 PMLC1 Whitby Wildcats White1-4Clarington Toros
A-AE-Ch1582:30 PMCIC1 North Durham Warriors0-5Oakville Rangers
MP-A-Ch1592:45 PMLC3 Kitchener Jr Rangers1-3Milton Winterhawks
MP-AA-Ch1602:45 PMLC4 Ajax Knights1-3Rideau St. Lawrence Kings
P-A-Ch1634:00 PMCIC1 Osgoode Richmond Romans1-2London Jr. Mustangs White
P-AA-Ch1614:15 PMLC4 Ottawa Sting0-3Gloucester Rangers
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