Schedule & Results, Oshawa Challenge, 2019-2020 (Oshawa Minor Hockey)

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Friday, November 15, 2019
MA-RR18:00 AMDP2 Ajax Pickering Raiders4-2Clarington Toros
A-RR28:15 AMDP3 Ajax Pickering Raiders2-3Clarington Toros
MA-RR38:15 AMDP4 Oshawa Generals2-3Central Ontario Wolves
B-RR48:30 AMDP1 Ajax Pickering Raiders6-1Whitby Wildcats
MA-RR59:30 AMDP2 York Simcoe Express1-1Halton Hurricanes
A-RR69:45 AMDP3 Markham Majors2-1Brampton 45s
MP-RR79:45 AMDP4 Ajax Pickering Raiders8-0Markham Waxers
B-RR810:00 AMDP1 Nickel City Sons3-1Richmond Hill Coyotes
MP-RR911:00 AMDP2 Sudbury Wolves2-3Chatham Kent Cyclones
A-RR1011:15 AMDP3 Hamilton Jr Bulldogs0-5Chatham Kent Cyclones
MP-RR1111:15 AMDP4 Rideau St.Lawrence Kings5-3Oshawa Generals
B-RR1211:30 AMDP1 Saint Clair Shores Saints1-4Oshawa Generals
A-RR1312:45 PMDP3 Oshawa Generals1-1Seaway Valley Rapids
MA-RR1412:45 PMDP4 Central Ontario Wolves7-7Ajax Pickering Raiders
B-RR151:00 PMDP1 Whitby Wildcats4-3North Bay Trappers
MA-RR162:00 PMDP2 Halton Hurricanes7-1Oshawa Generals
A-RR172:15 PMDP3 Clarington Toros4-7Markham Majors
MA-RR182:15 PMDP4 Clarington Toros2-5York Simcoe Express
B-RR192:30 PMDP1 Richmond Hill Coyotes1-9Ajax Pickering Raiders
MP-RR203:30 PMDP2 Chatham Kent Cyclones4-5Ajax Pickering Raiders
A-RR213:45 PMDP3 Brampton 45s4-5Ajax Pickering Raiders
MP-RR223:45 PMDP4 Oshawa Generals2-7Sudbury Wolves
B-RR234:00 PMDP1 Oshawa Generals1-0Nickel City Sons
MP-RR245:00 PMDP2 Markham Waxers3-4Rideau St.Lawrence Kings
A-RR255:15 PMDP3 Seaway Valley Rapids3-4Hamilton Jr Bulldogs
A-RR265:15 PMDP4 Chatham Kent Cyclones2-4Oshawa Generals
B-RR275:30 PMDP1 North Bay Trappers2-4Saint Clair Shores Saints
Saturday, November 16, 2019
A-RR288:00 AMDP1 Clarington Toros4-3Brampton 45s
A-RR298:15 AMDP3 Oshawa Generals9-0Hamilton Jr Bulldogs
A-RR308:15 AMDP4 Markham Majors5-1Ajax Pickering Raiders
A-RR319:30 AMDP1 Seaway Valley Rapids4-2Chatham Kent Cyclones
B-RR329:45 AMDP3 Richmond Hill Coyotes0-5Whitby Wildcats
MA-RR339:45 AMDP4 Halton Hurricanes3-1Central Ontario Wolves
MA-RR3411:00 AMDP1 Oshawa Generals2-4Clarington Toros
B-RR3511:15 AMDP3 North Bay Trappers1-6Oshawa Generals
MA-RR3611:15 AMDP4 York Simcoe Express6-1Ajax Pickering Raiders
MP-RR3712:30 PMDP1 Oshawa Generals6-3Chatham Kent Cyclones
MP-RR3812:45 PMDP3 Sudbury Wolves4-1Markham Waxers
MP-RR3912:45 PMDP4 Rideau St.Lawrence Kings1-1Ajax Pickering Raiders
A-RR402:00 PMDP1 Ajax Pickering Raiders2-1Oshawa Generals
B-RR412:15 PMDP3 Nickel City Sons2-2Ajax Pickering Raiders
A-RR422:15 PMDP4 Hamilton Jr Bulldogs1-7Markham Majors
A-RR433:30 PMDP1 Brampton 45s3-3Seaway Valley Rapids
B-RR443:45 PMDP3 Whitby Wildcats4-0Saint Clair Shores Saints
A-RR453:45 PMDP4 Chatham Kent Cyclones6-7Clarington Toros
MA-RR465:00 PMDP1 Ajax Pickering Raiders7-3Oshawa Generals
MA-RR475:15 PMDP3 Clarington Toros0-3Halton Hurricanes
MA-RR485:15 PMDP4 Central Ontario Wolves3-0York Simcoe Express
MP-RR496:30 PMDP1 Ajax Pickering Raiders1-1Sudbury Wolves
MP-RR506:45 PMDP3 Chatham Kent Cyclones3-4Rideau St.Lawrence Kings
MP-RR516:45 PMDP4 Markham Waxers2-4Oshawa Generals
B-RR528:00 PMDP1 Oshawa Generals4-0Richmond Hill Coyotes
B-RR538:15 PMDP3 Saint Clair Shores Saints0-5Nickel City Sons
B-RR548:15 PMDP4 Ajax Pickering Raiders5-1North Bay Trappers
Sunday, November 17, 2019
MA-C558:00 AMDP1 Ajax Pickering Raiders5-4Halton Hurricanes
MA-C568:00 AMDP2 Central Ontario Wolves4-3York Simcoe Express
A-C578:15 AMDP3 Ajax Pickering Raiders4-3Markham Majors
A-C588:15 AMDP4 Oshawa Generals3-2Clarington Toros
MP-C599:30 AMDP1 Oshawa Generals5-1Rideau St.Lawrence Kings
MP-C609:30 AMDP2 Sudbury Wolves1-2Ajax Pickering Raiders
B-C619:45 AMDP3 Nickel City Sons2-3Oshawa Generals
B-C629:45 AMDP4 Whitby Wildcats0-2Ajax Pickering Raiders
MA-C6312:30 PMDP1 Ajax Pickering Raiders4-3Central Ontario Wolves
A-C6412:45 PMDP3 Ajax Pickering Raiders0-3Oshawa Generals
MP-C652:00 PMDP3 Oshawa Generals1-3Ajax Pickering Raiders
B-C662:15 PMDP1 Ajax Pickering Raiders0-3Oshawa Generals
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