City Of Oshawa Area Protocols (Oshawa Minor Hockey)

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City of Oshawa Arena Protocols
The City of Oshawa has implemented the following COVID-19 measures in order to maintain a safe 
environment for public and staff with regards to use of City Arenas. Measures are developed in 
conjunction with current guidelines from Durham Region Public Health, Provincial COVID-19 Response 
Framework and Provincial Sport Organizations. Please review and be familiar with the following 

Before Arrival

•    All arena users should be aware of signs and symptoms of COVID-19.
•    As of September 22nd, 2021 anyone entering a City of Oshawa facility, including 
      arenas, will be required to show proof of full vaccination status or provide an approved 
      exemption/accommodation. Youth between the ages of 12-17 who are participating in sport are exempt 
      from needing to show proof of vaccination, but those in the same age group who are entering the 
      facility but NOT taking part in a sports activity will still be required to show proof of full 
•    Participants are also required to complete the City of Oshawa online screening at within 60 minutes prior to entering the facility, including players, 
      coaches, instructors, game officials and spectators.
•    All participants of a rental are required to show proof of the successful completion 
      of COVID-19 screening to City of Oshawa staff whom will verify the date, time and name of the 
      individual. Proof of completion can be provided in either paper or digital format.
•    It is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure all participants have 
      completed the online screening prior to entering the facility.

Entrance Requirements

•    Anyone who is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or has had close contact, traveled or 
      tested positive with a confirmed case cannot enter the facility.
•    Upon entry, all facility users are required to wear a mask/ face covering. On 
      ice participants may remove their face covering before entering the ice surface. Masks/face covering 
      must be worn as soon as they leave the ice.
•    There are designated areas outside of the arena for participants to line-up and wait 
      for permission to enter the facility. Participants are required to wear a mask/face covering while 
      waiting in line. City Staff will indicate when groups can enter the facility.
•    All arena users of a rental are to enter the facility at the same time; no earlier 
      than 20 minutes prior to the start of the rental.
•    Two spectators per participant are allowed to enter the facility.
•    Spectators must enter the facility at the same times as participants.
•    Participants who require assistance with equipment are encouraged to come partially 
      dressed. For safety reasons participants are not allowed to enter the facility wearing skates or 
      roller skate guards.
•    Spectators will be directed to a viewing area in the designated arena (dress 
      appropriately for the cold).
•    Participants and spectators must remain in the assigned arena, with mask/face 
      covering on.
•    Participants who arrive after the rest of their rental group has entered the facility 
      are required to contact the permit holder or team lead for screening and to ensure the rental is 
      below capacity restrictions, prior to entering the facility.
•    Spectators are required to maintain a physical distance of at least two metres from 
      every other person in the facility who not from their own household.
•    No outside food or drink.

Arena Protocol

•    No in and out privileges.
•    There is limited access to common areas (lobby) – washroom access only.
•    Masks/face coverings are required in the facility at all times except for 
      participants while they are on the ice.

Arena Information

•    40 participants, including players, coaches and instructors are allowed on the ice. 
      Game officials do not count toward this number.
•    Each rental will have access to two changerooms. A mask/face covering is required to 
      be worn at all times in the changeroom and may be removed only when entering the playing surface.
•    Two showers per dressing room will be available at Delpark Homes Centre
•    Participants must stay in dedicated changeroom until the scheduled ice time begins 
      (no line-ups at the door to get on the ice).
•    Physical distancing is required within all areas of the facility.
•    Player’s benches are open. All bench personnel must wear a mask/face covering at all 
•    Warmups are not permitted inside of the facility.
•    Participants and spectators cannot enter the designated space of another arena or 
      area of the facility. For example, a spectator cannot go back and forth between arenas to watch 
      more than one athlete at a time. Once a spectator enters an arena, they are required to remain in 
      that arena until they exit the facility.
•    Signage in the facility must be adhered to.
•    The permit holder and/or team lead must comply with either the Ontario Hockey 
      Federation, Ontario Women’s Hockey Association, Ringette Ontario return to play guidelines and 
      protocols, Skate Ontario .

Cleaning and Disinfecting Requirements

•    City of Oshawa staff is responsible for and will be cleaning, sanitizing and 
      disinfecting touch points.
•    Available washroom facilities will be cleaned as per Public Health Guidelines.
•    Coaches should wipe down sports equipment before and after each session.
      After Ice Rental
•    Players, coaches, instructors and game officials must exit the facility within 20 
      minutes of the conclusion of the rental.
•    Spectators must exit the facility immediately at the conclusion of the rental.
•    Arena users must exit the arena and facility through the designated exit points.