Campus Ice Centre Protocols (Oshawa Minor Hockey)

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•    The health and safety of Ontario Tech University’s campus and the broader community 
      has always been the university’s top priority. Starting September 3, 2021, Ontario Tech requires 
      all students, staff and visitors coming to campus to be at least partially vaccinated against 
      COVID-19.  Further, all are required to be fully vaccinated by September 22nd, 2021 or have an 
      approved accommodation.

•    For children less than 12 years of age (or not turning 12 in 2021), vaccination is 
      not required at this time. Youth between the ages of 12-17 who ARE participating in on ice 
      activities are exempt from needing to provide proof of full vaccination at this time, however 
      children in the same age range who are not going on the ice will be expected to provide proof of 
      vaccination status.

•    Any person associated with your rental group will not be permitted inside the Campus 
      Ice Centre without successfully attesting to the COVID19 protocols as well as confirming full 

•    All participants will have to fill out the COVID 19 health screening questions and 
      show proof by screen shot on their cell phone or email verification before entering the building. 
      There will be hard copies available at the arena entrance to fill out if access to the app is not 
      possible.   You can access the online screening here:

•    The university will also continue to follow all Durham Region Public Health 
      directives, including mask-wearing, hand-washing, frequent testing, and other possible measures, as 
•    Face masks are to be worn by all participants in your rental group upon entering the 
      facility. Face masks must be kept on in the change rooms at all times and can be removed once 
      participants enter the ice surface. All spectators must social distance and face masks must be worn 
      at all times.

•    NO food/beverage allowed in the building.  Personal water bottles for participation 
      in activity will be exempt.  Please arrive with water bottles full.

•    Each rental group will be permitted into the building 30 minutes prior to their 
      activity/ice time and must exit 15 minutes after their on-ice session. There will be no early 
      admittance to the facility.

•    Each rental will be allowed 40 players/skaters and will have access to 2 change 
      rooms.   Masks must be worn at all times while in the change rooms.  Coaches, managers, 
      timekeepers, referees are not included in the max 40. You will have access to player benches. 
      Showers will be permitted however, all players must exit the change room 15 minutes from exiting 
      the ice surface so we may clean and sanitize for the next group.

•    Spectators (max 200) are allowed.

•    Please note: as the vaccination centre is still on site, there is no access to the 
      main entrance, or front reception area.  The entrance and exit to the building will be at the south 
      (Zamboni end), until further notice. No indoor warm up areas available.

•    Washroom facilities will be available in the change rooms and upstairs in arena #1, 
      until further notice.