OMHA Suspension List (Oshawa Minor Hockey)

PrintOMHA Suspension List
Below is a link to the OMHA Suspension List and corresponding length of suspensions.  It is recommended that you always consult the OMHA Manual if in doubt. As a reminder all penalties incurred by your team (except the M10 to M35 Misconducts) will require you to submit the Association Member Ejection Form.


This is an excerpt from the OMHA document....

The following are minimum suspensions that shall be imposed for infractions, which occur in all OMHA exhibition, league, and play-off games, during the current playing season for Minor Hockey.  Note that these suspensions are over and above any imposed by Hockey Canada rules.

Notice re: Clarifications
These are minimum suspensions. Additional suspensions will be imposed wherever conditions and circumstance warrant. It is the responsibility of each team manager and / or coach to ensure their players serve their appropriate suspensions. When in doubt as to the relevant suspension, contact the association office. If unable to contact the Association office, sit player(s) in question out until clarification can be obtained. These suspensions are in addition to game incurred.

Match Penalty reports will be forwarded to the appropriate OMHA Regional Director for review and suspension assessment.